Dennis Fire Engine Sawbridgeworth Fire Brigade 1897 - to the early 1970's and beyond.
with other town information and views
Dedicated to those who unselfeshly gave of their time and loyalty to their fellow citizens.
With acknowledgement to Ben Hawkins, Historian, RCS Motor Club in 2004.

From the Dennis archives the fire engine sold to Sawbridgeworth was delivered to the LFB on 19/11/1913. It was ordered as part of a batch of 6 pumps and 5 escape vans. The pumps costing 895 pounds each.
Chassis Number 3505
Engine Number 6357, 127x180mm White and Poppe
Body no: 3597

From the LFB archives I have put together a lot of info and know it must have been either motor pump 26, 27 or 28. However I strongly suspect it was pump 26. My data shows this pump was based at LFB station 68, Redcross Street, London.

I will let you know if I find any more info on this appliance.
(Ben later confirmed he had failed to find any further details).

I hope to put up a lot more pre-war LFB info on our website sometime soon, but I have just started working with other enthusiasts to complete my fleet-list. Hopefully my trip to the LFB library at the end of the month will help sort it out.

I remember having seen a couple of photos of LH8642 whilst in Sawbridgeworth in our clubs archives. I have a feeling they are duplicates of photos you have, but I will check next time I am there.