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Fire Station Archive 1    
A Pictorial View and description of the Protective Helmets worn at Sawbridgeworth over the history of the brigade
Rosenbauer Heros Titan April 2019-present
Full enclosed ergonomically shaped helmet, high impact and penetration resistant helmet shell, face shield and eye protection visor. Shock absorbing impact cap help protect the head from heat and penetrations. Powerful LED helmet torch that mounts directly onto helmet. Sits lower on head, thus lowering centre of gravity to provide a better fit and more side face protection. Lighter weight than previous model.
. . .
Rosenbauer Heros Xtreme 2008 to April 2019
Full enclosed helmet, high impact and penetration resistant helmet shell, face shield and eye protection visor, revolutionary helmet lamp system that clips on in place of the central removable black front panel, ergonomic inner lining, trapezoidal chinstrap for better stability that clips on in place of central black front panel.

Pacific F7 1999-2008
Full enclosed helmet, lightweight Kevlar shell, internal pull down polycarbonate face shield and side lever operated goggles.
. . .
Cromwell F500L 1991-1999
The F500 marks the end of the cork helmet. This was a helmet made entirely from fibreglass composite materials and heralded new design in head protection. First helmet to be fitted with a visor.
Helmets Ltd Cromwell  Firepro 1. Late 80's - 91
Believed to have been issued alongside / in place of the F135 in later years of the F135's use. The Firepro one was a second attempt to update their fire helmet design. Essentially the same as the 3871 (The 3871 was a new concept in fire helmet design, taking advantage of new plastic materials and techniques. The shell was a sandwich of fibreglass, bonded cork crumbs and plastic. However it was very unpopular with fire-fighters and was soon dropped from the product line.) in construction but with a more conventional shape. However it, like it's predecessor, was not taken up by many fire brigades.
. . .
Cromwell F135 county (yellow) 1974-91
Originally made of laminated cork, the later issued ones (as per this one) were made of fibreglass. Complying with Home Office requirements in 1974, all black fire helmets were replaced or repainted yellow.
Cromwell F135 county (black) c1970-74
Made of a green plastic inner shell with a compressed laminated cork outer shell and covered with painted canvas.
. . .
Cromwell F335 Middlesex (Date ?)
Made of canvas outer on compressed cork. Successor of the 2320. Raised leather helmet badge with gold Hart.

Helmets Ltd Wheathampstead, 2320 Middlesex 1948 - ?
Issued after the NFS was disbanded and fire services returned to county control. Sawbridgeworth became part of Hertfordshire Fire Brigade (East Division) at this time. The 2320 was the earlier version of the F335 Middlesex helmet. Made of canvas and cork outer shell with internal green lining. Leather chin strap. This helmet was one of the most popular produced by Helmets Ltd along with the LFB pattern. Raised leather helmet badge with gold Hart.

. . .
NFS  Helmet 1939 - 1948
Steel helmet painted dark green. The National Fire Service was created in August 1941 by the amalgamation of the wartime national Auxiliary Fire Service and the local authority fire brigades. It existed until 1948, when it was again split by the Fire Services Act 1947, with fire services reverting to local authority control.
Sawbridgeworth was in Fire area No. 12 Stevenage, Division B, Sub-Division 4, Station X.
Brass or Silver Helmet 1897 - 1939
These helmets were modelled on the helmets of the Sapeurs-pompiers and were made of brass, but those belonging to officers were silver plated (thus the current colour scheme of yellow helmet for firefighters and the white helmets for officers). Metal helmets being conductive, became a safety hazard as use of electricity became widespread, so a new helmet made from a composite of cork and rubber was introduced after the war