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Page last updated: 06 August 2021 Control Room Log Books Page last updated: 06/08/2021
The Log Books operated during the 1960's (and before) through to the mid 1970's were a Daily record of what went on at the Fire Station and it was expected that any member of the brigade (local or other) entering the premises would sign on and off. However, the main use was to record the details of turnouts to Fires and Drill Night training and to record attendance at both. None the less, the records also indicate the dedication of time the members of the brigade spent in regular commitment and service to the community.
The Log Books available for download cover the years from April 1962 through to 1st June 1974 after which time the Log Books were discontinued. These are shown towards the end of this page and are held in PDF format - an example page is displayed at the bottom of this page. The pages are all in date order within the year indicated so searching through the PDF for specific dates is straight forward. You will note that the file sizes are fairly large so their download time will obviously vary according to your band width and line conditions at the time!
  Other Information:-  
National Fire Service (NFS) Records - Sawbridgeworth 1940's
It has been established that records from the years of WWII do exist and are held by Hertfordshire Library Service - Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies Library (HALS). However these records are not available to include on this web site but can be consulted by visiting HALS or approaching HALS On-Line with the option of obtaining copies at a cost. Either visiting HALS or going On-Line would require being fairly specific in relation to what year(s) (page(s)) would be of interest.
Details below of a requested search carried out in January 2019 based on:
"National Fire Service" (Sawbridgeworth Fire Brigade).
Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies Library (HALS)
Reference: Off Acc186.
Contents and number of pages - the entries concern the routine running of the station, such as names of Firemen and Firewomen reporting for duty, house bells tested, pumps being available or manned, occasional mention of exercises carried out, many air raid warnings in volume two.

Volume one - typed instructions for the keeping of Occurrence books, dated Dec 1941 are stuck in inside front cover. Entries are dated 1 January 1942 to 23 September 1942. Volume consists of 114 pages photographed as double page spreads.

Volume two – entries dated 24 September 1942 to 20th February 1946. Last entry in wartime is 4 Aug 1945. After that only seven days recorded, these being between October 1945 and February 1946. Volume consists of 103 pages photographed as double page spreads. Includes pages from the small message pad found inside volume.

Two other entries were also located by the January 2019 Search which could be of peripheral interest.
Reference: Off Acc 810, Box 68 - Hertfordshire County Council, Fire Brigade, the contents of these files relate to the establishment and maintenance of the station buildings (may include items such as property deeds, floor plans, correspondence relating to repairs and utilities), Sawbridgeworth Fire Station Mar 1942 - Dec 1972.
Reference: HCC49/1
- Fire and Civil Defence Committee Minute Book, Dec 1947 - Nov 1950.  This is the earliest minute book that
is held for the Fire and Civil Defence Committee.
Log Book Content available for dowloading
Log Book Period by date No of Pages File Size
April - December 1962 60 9,830 KB
January - December 1963 95 13,300 KB
January - December 1964 99 13,640 KB
January - December 1965 90 12,770 KB
January - December 1966 81 11,545 KB
January - December 1967 85 11,920 KB
January - December 1968 88 12,426 KB
January - December 1969 99 13,665 KB
January - December 1970 93 12,493 KB
January - December 1971 90 12,189 KB
January - December 1972 78 10,470 KB
January - December 1973 75 9,937 KB
January - June 1974 45 6,449 KB
If you don't have Acrobat get it  Here ►
With appreciation to Brian Rochester, ex Sawbridgeworth Leading Fireman, who ensured the retention of these Log Books!
Log Book Cover(s)
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Example Log Book Page - Click to view

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