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Page last updated: 23 January 2021 Drills and Attendance Book Page last updated: 23/01/2021
This book ,which records the attendance of all brigade members from 1913 right through to the end of the Second World War, is in a very precarious state and unfortunately a few pages from the year 1943 seem to be missing. The main reasons for recording the content here is twofold: First to provide a list of fireman's names so that anyone wishing to trace whether someone was a member of the brigade can check that and also determine the period of time the person was a member - Second, to indicate once again the dedication the members of the brigade had to their locality, particularly in World War Two, remembering that all were not full time fireman but held down a full time job too! In the latter, of course, there was the added pressure of working long hours anyway! The employers too were showing considerable commitment to the war effort - it can be seen by these records that in 1940 and into 1941 firemen were leaving their place of work on several occasions per day to respond to air raid warnings. Similarly, these firemen were committing at least every other night on duty at the fire station!
 As indicated above, although the book covers World War II it only records those Members of the brigade who were enrolled as National Fire Service (NFS) and does not show any records of either the Male or Female Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS). It will be seen from the photograph taken in 1948 [ Photo Gallery ] that there were quite a number of women involved too! It can only be assumed that the AFS were separately 'accounted' for and that these records were lost or are somewhere unknown.
 The book has been broken down into three periods as set out below and these are in PDF Format which can be downloaded. You should note that the entries were set out to span across the whole book and the best way to read the pages would be to print them out on hard copy so that the pages can be linked (paired) and then read across - the pages have been number sequenced in each year for this purpose.
Years Covered No of Pages File Size
1913 - 1929 78 6,261 KB
1930 - 1939 61 5,129 KB
1940 - 1945 41 3,452 KB
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