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Page last updated: 06/11/2023 Note: Photographs marked (#) are not from originals. You are free to save, print or email the pictures
The Webmaster would be very pleased to borrow the original to improve the quality of presentation.
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Steam Fire Engine c.1902-3 Picture taken on the Fair Green and copied from an undated Postcard. The Steamer & Crew at Hyde Hall (#) sometime during the period 1908 - 1911. (The President in his issued uniform on the right?) The Steamer in Church Street. Thought to be around 1905/06, possibly a photograph to celebrate the opening of the new fire station. The Steamer, Wheeled Escape & Manual Pump. Picture taken on The fair Green 1913.(Picture supplied by John Dear) (Brigade Members)
With acknowledgement to Joy Marshall whose Grandfather, Arthur Morris - thought to be in this photograph, was an original member of the Brigade resigning in November 1902. The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Arran owned Hyde Hall at the time and was President from the 15th January 1908 following the first President, Thomas Hugh Mann, until 19th January 1911. Chief Officer Bryan Nockolds is on the right.

The shop on the right is that of Charles Riches, Ironmongers.

Recognisable are: Billie Collins - the Boy Fireman and to his right, Bryan Nockolds. 2nd Officer Walter Stacey is at the base of the Escape Ladder, Harry Taylor in the driving seat (steamer) and Albert John Archer, a founder member, (with medals) recognised by his grandaughter - Karen Nunn - nee Archer.
(##) See also Note below!

(##) For many years the brigade kept a Manual Fire Engine in the 'small' station bay which at one time housed the Austin Towing Vehicle and the Leyland Major (after the first Bedford Water Tender was provided by County. The Manual was used for display purposes at Fetes etc. Fireman Jack Searl's father (Bill) of Bridgefoot Farm (Garage) made new wheels for it at some stage and although the two pistons in the cylinders of the pump had leather washers providing the seal between the piston and walls of the cylinders it pumped perfectly - a jet of some 20ft (four men - two each side - pumping) was easily achievable. The date on the pump housing was 1844 and it was probably manufactured by Merryweather.  It is believed that it originated from White or Leading Roding but it is not known what happened to it in the end - this latter Manual was not the original owned by the brigade!

More early period photos of SFB from the collection of Wally Wright (1925 - 2022)  can be viewed
Church Parade - Chapel Hill 1929? Sawbridgeworth's Dennis Fire Engine LH8642(*) Dennis LH8462 in the Church Street Fire Station
(Picture supplied by John Dear)
This is assumed to be one of the Church parades which were attended by many other brigades - more about these on the Special Occasions page.
The location is unknown but two other appliances are present, the ladder of one can be seen in front and the bonnet and number plate of another behind. Looking on are 2nd Officer Harry Taylor and Fireman Bill White, plus another?
Apparently a 1913 N-Type pump originally supplied to London Fire Brigade and obtained by Sawbridgeworth in 1928. Information source with thanks to Roger Mardon.
A closer look identifies its 'companion' to the right to be the Steamer. Some Competition Certificates are on the back wall.
Dennis Motor Fire Engine Parade at Bishop's Stortford 1935 Leyland Cub FK4
Left Picture (supplied by John Dear) - Firemen recognised are L to R Billie Prior; Frank Wright (seated) Bill Searle; Bill White (driver); Walter Stacey; Jack Searle (far right). In the background Orsman's Bakery Shop. Right hand picture - ditto - Walter Stacey (far right). The Golden Jubilee of King George V. In the picture, the three to the Right, L to R - Reg. Wright (Back Row) Frank Wright and Jack Taylor. Photograph taken at Hyde Hall Sawbridgeworth to commemorate the supply of the new Leyland fire appliance purchased by Sawbridgeworth Urban District Council in July1935.
1935 Leyland Cub FK4
(This new picture supplied by John Dear)
NFS: March 1948
Fire Area 12, Division B, Sub-Division 4 Station X
Water Tender Crew c.1962
Photograph taken at Hyde Hall Sawbridgeworth, presumably The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Arran was still in residence in 1935. Hyde Hall was taken over for military purposes in WWII and after the war became the Royal Wanstead Girls School. Photograph taken in 1945 representing the disbandment of the National Fire Service on the 1st April 1948.
Left to Right: Geoff Burrell; Peter Roberts; Jack Riches; Frank Wright; John Wright; Len Read; Jack Puncher.
(Note: Some of the Women's names - Centre Photo - provided by Dorothea Stubbings - April 2003, Ken Howard 2012 & Ruth Jackel - from Australia May 2020)
More Info
Bedford Water Tender & Crew 1967 Bedford Water Tender
Photograph taken on the Fair Green in 1971
(Now fitted with an Aluminium Extension Ladder)
Photograph taken to mark the retirement of Sub Officer Frank Wright (46 years completed)  far right. Others L to R.. Fm. Melton, Jack Puncher, Peter Roberts, Geoff Burrell, Jack Riches and L/Fm Len Read. Crew members: L to R... Ray Howe, Dave Dellow, Brian Rochester(**), Geoff Burrell, Steve Revel, Sub Officer Len Read, Gordon Clarke, L/Fm Jack Puncher and Peter Roberts. The Crew and new Bedford in 1954
Thought to be a photo taken at the time by a local newspaper but found on Facebook (Thanks to Simon Lincoln - Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue). Left to Right: Jim Bennett, Jack Puncher, Bill Hurren, ?, Jack Riches, Ted Fish, Harry Akers, Frank Wright, Harry Read, Len Read, and Jack Searle.
(**) An original contributor to this web site.
Crew 2000 Crew 2000 - 2001 Peter Carr in May 1998. Get Together c.1989
The Sawbridgeworth Crew in around the year 2000 in the New Fire Station Yard.
L to R - Back Row: Barry Cutmore, Ian Walker, Colin Letch, Alan Brett, David Clarke.
Front Row: Tony Kitchenere, Richard Oakley, Dave Dellow, Peter Carr, Andy Ballisat.
Photo with acknowledgement to Andy Ballisat 
(January 2021)
The Crew in around the year 2001
Front row L to R: Fm Barry Cutmore, Fm Dave Clarke, Fm Tony kitchener and L/Fm Richard Oakley. Back row L to R: Andy Ballisat, Fm Ian Walker, L/Fm Peter Carr, Fm Colin Letch, Fm Alan Brett and Sub/O Dave Dellow
Photo with acknowledgement to Andy Ballisat 
(March 2021)
Peter had been diagnosed with an illness that could have meant he might well fail a pending medical and wanted to record his time in the brigade. As can be seen in the photo left he passed without difficulty!
Photo Andy Ballisat (June 2021)
Taken in the George 1V Public House on the occasion of Fm Gordon Clarke's retirement and the leaving of Fm Johnny Williams. L to R. Back row Fm Tony Gallagher, L/Fm Paul Burrell, Fm Ian Walker,  Fm Gordon Clarke, Sub/O Dave Dellow, Fm Richard Oakley, Fm Robin Whittington, Ex L/Fm Brian Rochester 'retired'. L/Fm Peter Roberts 'retired' and Andy Ballisat. Bottom row L to R Fm John Forsyth, Fm Tony Kitchener, Fm Johnny Williams and Fm Barry Cutmore.
Photo Andy Ballisat (November 2021)