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Page last updated: 05/09/2022
All of the photos on this page are derived from the Originals donated.
You are free to save, print or email the pictures
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  These photographs were part of the late Wally Wright's (1925 - 2022) History of Sawbridgeworth collection kindly donated to this Fire Brigade History Site by his son Ivan Wright.  
  The majority of the photos were apparently donated to Wally by a 'Dora' Taylor but this first name could be a mis-hearing of Nora a daughter of Gwen Taylor and Jack Baker (an early Fireman). Gwen was a daughter of Peter Taylor Jnr who was the Publican at the King William IV public house in Vantorts Road (1911 census), where in the early days (pre 1906) the Manual fire engine, together with the horses were stabled.  
  Notes (&) on the reverse of many of the photos augment the existing photo information on the SFB History Web Site of which the latter were, in some cases, lacking specific information or dates etc. which is included here where the information is available.
(&) Notes beneath photos are as on the reverse unless otherwise indicated ($)
Spelbrook Garage (No date but presumably late 1920's or early 1930's) 'The' Steam Fire Engine at Hatfield Heath 1913. (See Fire Engines($)) R. Dyer negative (see Photo Gallery 1($))
London Road 1930 Church Parade Townsend House - Left Hand Side Parade Bishop's Stortford SFB attending Parade in South Street Bishop's Stortford 1930 Church Street Sawbridgeworth 1930 Church Parade - Band of Herts Regiment
R. Dyer (Negative) London Road (This photo shows an indication of the large number of brigades attending these parades!) London Road - The Gate Pub
(See Special Occasions($))
London Road, Marching South opposite Townsend House
Church Parade 1931 Cricket Field - Church Parade 1930 Church Parade - Sports Ground Cricket Field - Church Parade 1931
R. Dyer Negative (See photo Gallery 2) Hoestock Road (E. Neat) 2/2/1905 (See photo Gallery ($)2) Hoestock Road 1905 (H. A. Smith)
D. Lee Miss Stacey's photo - Left Archer Shop (see Photo Gallery 1($)) Miss Stacey's photo. L to R Billy Prior; Bill Tarling; Jack Baker (See Fire Engines($))
1913 (Photo Gallery 1($)) As Photo Gallery 1 - with Names (See Photo Gallery 2($))  
Market Square- District Fire Engines (Church Service) (See Special Occasions($)) (See Special Occasions($)) Market Square- District Fire Engines (District Church Parade) Rye Street Bishop's Stortford Opening Hospital Extension 19/05/33
Guard of Honour. (See Special Occasions($)
Church Street 1930 - outside the fire station (see Fire Engines($)) Church Street 1930 Church Street 1930 - outside the fire station London Road - Funeral of W. Stacey 1933 (See Other Profile($)s)
London Road - L.H.S. Post Office; Luckin Butcher's; King Of Prussia PH Sports Ground Church Parade 1931 Walter Stacey
(See other Profiles)
Station Road - Church Parade 1931 West Lodge Hyde Hall 1930's John Taylor West Lodge Hyde Hall 1920's West Lodge Hyde Hall 1930's John Taylor Herts & Essex Observer 16/03/1962
◄Back To   Although apparently nothing to do with the Fire Brigade this photo was included in the Collection and noted as: Cambridge Road - British Legion Women's County Rally - as assembled on the Football Field c. 1960.